Get to know the advantages of on-demand payroll – and how it can help you, whether you’re an employer or employee

Today’s on-demand society waits for nothing, whether a rideshare, a meal or a person-to-person payment. Find out why payroll should no longer fall behind the times.

People want and deserve to be paid right after working rather than two weeks out. Check out our resources addressing today’s payment needs.

Resources For Employees

Fintwist Blog

Unlock Financial Freedom: How Fintwist Paycards Revolutionize Your Money Management

Empower Your Finances with Fintwist Paycards: Your Path to Financial Freedom

Fintwist Blog

Seize Control of Your Finances: 5 Reasons Why Fintwist Paycards Trump Paper Checks

Discover why Fintwist Paycards are the superior choice over traditional paper checks.

Fintwist Blog

Comdata the originators of paycards talk the value of daily pay in the restaurants

Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast Ep. 159


New Payroll Card – Fintwist by Comdata

Whether you're using direct deposit, checks, credit cards, or just plain old cash, managing your money can be challenging. Fintwist by Comdata allows you to get paid faster and have more control of your money, all from one place - your phone.

Fintwist Blog

Setting Up Transfers from Card to Bank

Looking to transfer money from your Fintwist Mastercard to a bank account? Follow these simple steps to transfer funds.

Fintwist Blog

How to Use Venmo with Your Fintwist Paycard

Paycards offer you so many modern conveniences – from shopping and paying your bills online, to having a Netflix® account, to sending money electronically with Venmo®.

Fintwist Blog

Can You Overdraft a Payroll Card?

Simply put: No, you cannot overdraft a Fintwist paycard. However, there are still a few things to keep an eye out for.

Fintwist Blog

How to get your tax refund direct deposited onto your Fintwist® Mastercard® Payroll Card

Speed things up a bit during tax season (through April 15th) by getting your refund deposited right onto your Fintwist paycard. The process is quick, easy and beneficial to you.

Fintwist Blog

Tax Filing Day Extended to July 15, 2020; How to Get Government Benefits Direct Deposited to your Fintwist Paycard

Amid the current Covid-19 pandemic crisis, the federal government today announced that the federal tax filing deadline will move from April 15, 2020 to July 15, 2020.

Fintwist Blog

What is a Paycard?

A paycard (or payroll card) is an alternative to a traditional bank account or paper check that allows any employee to be paid electronically via direct deposit.

Fintwist Blog

The 6 Most Common Fintwist Errors & How to Avoid Them

A list of the most common errors Fintwist cardholders might face when trying to access their payroll card funds.

Fintwist Blog

How to Find Your Fintwist Routing and Account Number

Your routing and account number allow you to have money direct deposited onto your Fintwist card from any employer, or other sources.

Fintwist Blog

How to Prevent and Report Fraud on Your Fintwist Paycard

Tips for preventing fraud on your Fintwist card, and what to do if fraud does occur.

Fintwist Blog

So You Lost Your Fintwist Card, Now What?

Here’s what to do if you lose your Fintwist card.

Fintwist Blog

How to Buy Things Online with Your Fintwist Card

If you’ve been issued a Fintwist card, we have some good news. Your paycard gives you access to one of modern life’s greatest conveniences: online shopping!

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