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With Fintwist, handling disbursements is a simple, streamlined process. Our Corporate Disbursement Cards eliminate check management costs, including printing, mailing or doling out paper checks.

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What Can Fintwist Corporate Disbursement Cards Can Be Used For?

Fintwist cards can be used for customer refunds, claims payments, reimbursements, and per diems. Since money can be added to them the same way as direct deposit, and people can use them like a debit card, their convenience makes them win-win. Whatever you already do disbursements for, you can do it with Fintwist. And with Fintwist, it’s never been easier to send money to customers, contractors, and employees.

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Reduce Payout Costs

With Fintwist, you can eliminate printing and mailing costs for checks, as well as reduce the time it takes to manage disbursements. No more manually processing checks, dealing with mailing them out, or other difficulties that arise from having to deal with physical copies of all the associated paperwork. With Fintwist, you can streamline your disbursement process to save time and money.

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Per Diems Made Easy

Handling per diems is much simpler when you can disburse funds directly to a card rather than having to cut a check and mail it. With a Fintwist card, you can send funds in realtime to employees or contract workers to cover business travel expenses. Make payments to cover personal business costs fast and easy with a Fintwist card rather than going through the cumbersome traditional method with checks.

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Navigating Escheatment

Fintwist cards make navigating escheatment requirements easy by electronically transferring funds between accounts rather than having to void and manage paper checks. Since it’s all electronic, transferring funds has never been easier, allowing you to bypass the process of voiding checks and moving through protocols.

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