How to Buy Things Online with Your Fintwist Card

If you’ve been issued a Fintwist card, we have some good news. Your paycard gives you access to one of modern life’s greatest conveniences: online shopping!

If you’ve been issued a Fintwist card, we have some good news. Your paycard gives you access to one of modern life’s greatest conveniences: online shopping!

That’s right – you can buy things online with your Fintwist card. That means if your sister’s boyfriend’s aunt ever changes her Netflix password, you can open your own account. But it doesn’t stop there. You can use your card on any US website that accepts debit card payments (most do).

Below we’ll walk you through how to buy things online with your card, step-by-step. We’ll use as an example.

1.     Checkout: After you’ve selected the items you want to purchase, navigate to “checkout.”

2.     Shipping Address: You’ll be asked to confirm your shipping address. This is the place where you want the items to arrive. You can use any address that is secure and convenient for you – it doesn’t have to be your home address.

3.     Payment Method: Next, you’ll be asked to choose a payment method. Select “add a credit or debit card” and enter the card number, name on card, and expiration date for your Fintwist card when prompted.

4.     Billing Address: You’ll be asked to write your billing address. Most of the time, this will be your home address. However, if your employer didn’t have access to your address when enrolling you for a Fintwist card, they may have listed your work address as the billing address. Check with your boss or payroll manager – they will have records of this information. Keep in mind that you can always update your personal information on the Fintwist app!

5.     Place Your Order: After you’ve filled the information above and clicked “Place Order,” you’re done! Sit back, relax, and relish in the peaceful feeling of knowing you’ll never have to leave the house to shop again.

With many online shopping websites, you can fill out and store your card information as part of your account settings so you don’t have to enter your card information every time you shop. This is a nice feature, but make sure you’re only using it if you’re on a secure account and computer that only you have access to. Otherwise, anyone who logs on can order things using your paycard. If your card is ever compromised, you have identity theft protection with Mastercard. You can also sign up to be alerted if your card is ever used suspiciously online.

Your Fintwist card gives you access to other conveniences like the Fintwist App to check your balance, money management tools in the app, text alerts for when your direct deposit comes in, the ability to send money to another person from your app, and online bill pay.

TL;DR: With your Fintwist card, you can easily buy things online like you would with a debit card. Most websites will walk you through the steps of filling out your card information when you check out. Just make sure you check with your employer for the billing address they used when they enrolled you for a card.

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