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Fintwist OnDemand makes managing payroll easier for employers and makes employees happier, making it a win-win solution for both.

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Fintwist OnDemand Pay gives employees the ability to access wages without having to wait until payday. Employers can opt to make up to 50% of an employee’s funds available after a shift, empowering employees with short-term financial liquidity. This will help make your employees happier and reduce their financial stress. Learn more about the benefits of using the Fintwist OnDemand app below, or contact us today to learn more.

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Easy Automation & No Fees For Employers

Fintwist OnDemand makes managing payroll easier for employers and makes employees happier, making it a win-win solution for both.

Utilizing Fintwist OnDemand helps businesses better manage their payroll and reduce costs associated with it. Fintwist fronts the money to be disbursed to employees, meaning that employers don’t have to worry about cutting checks when they aren’t prepared to do so. OnDemand also helps businesses save by eliminating the need to print and manage paychecks.

One of the biggest benefits of OnDemand, though, is that it boosts employee retention. If employees feel financially empowered by their employer, then they’re more likely to stick around longer.

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Less Stress & More Transparency For Employees

With the Fintwist app, employees can utilize the features and benefits of OnDemand Pay. It gives employees visibility into cardholder data, allowing them to track, monitor and analyze spend through Fintwist App. They do not need to open a bank account to be paid or to use their money: they can use their paycard anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including for online purchases.

Best of all, employees can ask to be paid whenever they want without having to interact with anyone in the accounting department, freeing them up to focus on other work. At the end of each shift, if an employee wants, they can log into the app and have their new wages added to their account immediately.

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How Does OnDemand Pay Work?

OnDemand Pay is managed through the Fintwist app. We cover the costs when employees ask to be paid in realtime–without fees for employers or employees–so you don’t have to. All an employee has to do is log into the app on their smartphone and hit a button to have the funds disbursed directly and instantly to their account. 

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