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A premier pioneer of the paycard industry

Comdata, the leader in payroll cards, launched Fintwist OnDemand, a real-time payment process incorporated into the company’s innovative digital platform.

It revolutionized how employees were paid – and helped organizations save money by eliminating paper checks and the costs that go with printing and processing them, improving payroll efficiency. 

At the time, the Comdata payroll card was a Mastercard-backed card that employers loaded wages onto. Employees could access their funds or use the card wherever Mastercard was accepted. Since our beginning, Comdata has provided paycard solutions for tens of thousands of clients and millions of cardholders. 


The power of online banking minus the bank and its associated fees

Today, the Comdata Paycard has morphed into a comprehensive digital payment solution called Fintwist. With Fintwist, employees gain the advantages and power of an online banking account without the monthly service fees or balance minimums.

Financial inclusion – guaranteed

This financially inclusive solution serves as an anti-bank, in a way, as it gives employees complete transparency into their earned money and enables them to access their wages after every shift through Fintwist OnDemand. No bank account – no problem.

Combining Fintwist and Fintwist OnDemand, employers offer employees a bundled solution that includes a Mastercard Paycard coupled with an on-demand earned wage access app. This enables employees the flexibility to initiate when they get paid. This bundled payment option reduces employee stress and lowers turnover as it helps them gain control over their finances.

We make it easy for employers like you to quickly and seamlessly integrate and benefit from Fintwist OnDemand by working with your payroll solution provider of choice. And it’s free for you to use and inexpensive for employees. Since Fintwist offers a 100% acceptance rate, you don’t need to manage card rejections. Plus, the time and money associated with printing checks becomes a thing of the past.1

Fintwist helps companies help their employees

To become an employer of choice in today’s competitive environment, organizations like yours need payroll solutions that align with employees’ economic needs.

1. Employees that don’t pass Know Your Customer validation will have limited card functionality.

Fintwist mobile app – Real-time earning and spending right from the mobile phone

Fintwist by the numbers


of employees with high financial stress say it distracts them at work sometimes, often, or very often1


of individuals in America would experience financial difficulty if their paychecks were delayed for a week2


60% of workers would be more likely to stay at a job that offered more financial wellness benefits

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1. Financial Health Network, Workplace Financial Health, 2021.

2. 2020 “Getting Paid In America” survey conducted by the American Payroll Association (APA)

Why choose Fintwist?

Fintwist OnDemand gives employees more control over when and how they get paid – and lets employers offer more options at no additional cost.

The result?

  • Enhanced employee engagement.
  • Improved workplace morale.
  • Greater pay flexibility.
  • Lower costs than traditional payroll.

Quite simply – it’s better for everyone.

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