B2B & 1099 Payment Cards

Transitioning from using traditional checks to Fintwist B2B & payment cards can help businesses cut costs and empower payees.

Fintwist Payroll Cards

Be A Better Business Partner With A Fintwist B2B & 1099 Payment Card

By distributing payment cards, businesses can eliminate the cost of cutting, mailing, and managing checks. Payees can also access funds right after a shift, helping financially empower them and thereby improve contractor retention. Great for paying contractors, subcontractors, 1099 employees, vendors, and other partner companies, Fintwist cards make B2B and 1099 transactions simpler and faster. By transitioning to paycards, you can be a better business partner by easing the frustrations of having a check mailed out on net 30 terms and instead put money in their pockets on demand.

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Simplified Payee Management With Better Tracking

Payment cards are a simple, secure way to manage B2B expenditures. The Fintwist dashboard enables businesses to easily and clearly track disbursements. With improved reporting, better transparency, and instantaneous disbursements, employer and payee relations can be greatly improved by replacing checks with paycards. Employers can also benefit from our round-the-clock customer service to help resolve any issues that arise to keep things running smoothly on their end. Fintwist makes payee management seamless with corporate B2B expense cards.

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No Bank Account Necessary

With a Fintwist 1099 card, payees don’t need to have a bank account set up in order to receive funds. This makes disbursing funds to 1099 contractors faster, easier, and hassle-free. By sending money directly to vendors’ cards, employers also don’t have to worry about related bank fees and charges. This way, employers can put money directly into their business partners’ pockets. A Fitnwist B2B and 1099 paycard can be used anywhere a credit card can be used for both purchases and withdrawals, making life easy for your contractors.

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