Get to know the advantages of on-demand payroll – and how it can help you, whether you’re an employer or employee

Today’s on-demand society waits for nothing, whether a rideshare, a meal or a person-to-person payment. Find out why payroll should no longer fall behind the times.

People want and deserve to be paid right after working rather than two weeks out. Check out our resources addressing today’s payment needs.

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The Rapid Digitization of B2B Payments Due to Covid-19

How has the pandemic and overall societal shift toward digital tools changed the ways that companies need to pay their employees? What kinds of payroll solutions and strategies are important?


SPOTLIGHT on Brian Radin

Watch and/or listen to our very own Brian Radin chat with David M. Brear on Spotlight about revolutionizing payroll, employee financial well-being, and much more!

White Papers

Payroll Has Not Kept Up With Payments’ Tech Revolution: A Comdata Whitepaper

The payments industry is experiencing a digital revolution. Technology has removed the friction of retail banking and the peer-to-peer payment model allows individuals to effortlessly transfer money back and forth.


Comdata Corporation | Payment Innovation

Comdata provides innovative payment solutions for your business. Whether it is corporate payments, prepaid, merchant, or fleet solutions, Comdata helps you save money, increase revenue, streamline operations, and minimize financial risk.


New Payroll Card – Fintwist by Comdata

Whether you're using direct deposit, checks, credit cards, or just plain old cash, managing your money can be challenging. Fintwist by Comdata allows you to get paid faster and have more control of your money, all from one place - your phone.

White Papers

Empowering Employers & Employees: The Payment System Built for the New Economy

The one employer, one check, and one bank model were a staple of the American workforce for decades. In today’s modern workforce, many Americans work second jobs to complement their full-time employment or work multiple jobs.

Fintwist Blog

Disaster Proof Your Payroll for the Covid-19 Pandemic and Severe Weather Events

Covid-19 is officially a Pandemic. Life as we know it is altered indefinitely. This means social distancing, quarantines, and interruptions to established supply chains.

Fintwist Blog

What is a Paycard?

A paycard (or payroll card) is an alternative to a traditional bank account or paper check that allows any employee to be paid electronically via direct deposit.

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