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Thanking a contractor or employee for a job well done is significantly easier when you can do it with a prepaid Finwist card.

Fintwist Payroll Cards

Employee Perks Via Paycards

Fintwist incentive cards don’t require recipients to have bank accounts, making rewarding employees simpler for everyone. If a vendor or subcontractor doesn’t have direct deposit set up, employers can add money directly to an existing Fintwist card, or just be given a card directly rather than having to go through the process of disbursing it to a bank account or cutting and mailing a check.

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Customer Satisfaction & Complaint Resolution Made Easy

Sometimes the best way to make an unsatisfied customer happy is to send them a gift. If your business doesn’t offer gift cards, a prepaid Fintwist card can work as an excellent alternative. Fintwist incentive cards can be used anywhere that takes Mastercard, making complaint resolution easy to navigate by giving customers more freedom. Customer loyalty and rewards programs are also easy to promote when you can send patrons funds directly without having to go through a bank.

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Disburse Gifts To Existing Cards

Sending bonuses to employees has never been easier than with a Fintwist incentive card. Whether they’re 1099 contractors or on payroll, disbursing funds directly to a card eliminates check management inefficiencies in a secure and economical way. Your employees can access their new funds immediately without having to receive a physical check in the mail. From the Fintwist dashboard, employers can also easily transfer funds straight to the card, putting money straight into employees’ pockets. With hassle-free disbursements like this, you can easily improve employee and contractor satisfaction.

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