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Fintwist Payroll Cards

Payroll Cards

Provide simple, streamlined pay

A Fintwist-backed prepaid Payroll Card empowers employees to tackle their expenses easily and efficiently. They are as easy to use as a credit or debit card minus the associated fees.

Consider how these cards:

  • Offer immediate access to pay – no bank account required!
  • All employees are eligible for this solution, enabling you to pay electronically.
  • Works with any payroll system.
  • Modernize distributing wages, tips, salaries and bonuses.
  • No-fee solution for employers that helps eliminate the costs associated with paper checks – effectively moving you to 100% electronic pay.

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OnDemand Pay

Give employees what they want

With Fintwist OnDemand Pay, employees don’t have to wait for payday. Right after working a shift, they can tap into a portion of their wages – providing them with short-term financial liquidity.

Use this benefit to:

  • Help attract and retain workers.
  • Fintwist fronts the money so employees automatically receive reimbursement at the end of each workday.
  • Decrease employees’ financial stress.
  • Gain visibility into cardholder data.
  • Replace costly paychecks with a no-fee solution.
  • Employees can track, monitor and analyze spend through Fintwist App.

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Corporate Disbursement

See payout in a whole new light

Time is money and Fintwist Corporate Disbursement Cards help you save both. Say goodbye to check management costs, including printing, mailing or doling out paper checks and escheatment requirements linked to checks.

Use them for:

  • Customer refunds.
  • Claims payments.
  • Reimbursements.
  • Per diems.

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Corporate Expense Cards

Gain control and flexibility

Although similar to a credit card, the Fintwist Corporate Expense Card allows you to set, monitor and manage card balances on the go. Replace credit-card-based complexity with flexibility – enjoy the freedom!

You can use them to:

  • Load or subtract funds to cards in real-time.
  • Comply with organizational policy.
  • Rest easy knowing 40 million-plus global merchants accept your secure cards.
  • View card use with consolidated reports and data.

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B2B/1099 Payment Card

Stop cutting checks

Cut payment costs instead. Fintwist’s B2B/1099 Payment cards are a smart, secure way to pay contractors and subcontractors, 1099 employees, vendors and other partner companies.

They’re an asset because:

  • Funds are available right after a shift.
  • Payees lacking bank accounts are freed from traditional bank fees and charges.
  • Our round-the-clock customer service simplifies payee management.
  • You can easily track B2B expenditures.

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Fintwist Incentive Cards

Money talks – people listen

By giving a prepaid Fintwist Incentive Card to employees and/or customers, you drive engagement by thanking them for a job well done. Eliminate check-management inefficiencies – securely and economically.

Use them for:

  • Employee perks, including bonuses.
  • Motivational tools.
  • Customer Loyalty or Rewards programs.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction or complaint resolution.

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