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No more printing checks, mailing or passing them to employees and contractors. We help you eliminate all costs associated with pay, so you can focus on what it is you do best.

Your employees and contractors benefit, too, since they don’t need to go to the bank or stand in long check-cashing lines – or pay the associated fees. Everybody benefits.

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White Papers

Empowering Employers & Employees: The Payment System Built for the New Economy

The one employer, one check, and one bank model were a staple of the American workforce for decades. In today’s modern workforce, many Americans work second jobs to complement their full-time employment or work multiple jobs.

White Papers

Payroll Has Not Kept Up With Payments’ Tech Revolution: A Comdata Whitepaper

The payments industry is experiencing a digital revolution. Technology has removed the friction of retail banking and the peer-to-peer payment model allows individuals to effortlessly transfer money back and forth.


Comdata Corporation | Payment Innovation

Comdata provides innovative payment solutions for your business. Whether it is corporate payments, prepaid, merchant, or fleet solutions, Comdata helps you save money, increase revenue, streamline operations, and minimize financial risk.

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